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Massachusetts Voters Approve Ballot Question 1 Expanding 'Right To Repair' Law

BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Massachusetts voters approved ballot Question 1, which will expand the state's "Right to Repair" law by giving car owners and independent auto shops greater access to data related to vehicle maintenance and repair.

The Associated Press called the race just before 11 p.m. with about 75-percent of voters approving it.

Car repair shops and auto parts suppliers said the measure would guarantee car owners access to the repair information needed to bring their cars to auto shops as vehicles become more computerized.

Automakers opposed the question, calling it a data grab by third parties who want to gather personal vehicle information.

Tommy Hickey, the Director of the coalition, said Yes on Question 1 was outspent by millions, but still was victorious.

"The thousands of 'Yes on 1' signs in front of small businesses around the state tell the story -automakers were trying to corner the market on car repairs, but the voters stopped them," Hickey told supporters.

"The people have spoken—by a huge margin—in favor of immediately updating right to repair so it applies to today's high-tech cars and trucks."

Question 1 was one of two ballot initiatives, along with Question 2 which asks voters if they support ranked choice voting. Question 2 was rejected.

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