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'It Was Just Horrific': 2 Seriously Hurt In Early Morning Car Crash In Easton

EASTON (CBS) -- Two people were seriously hurt in a violent car crash early Thursday morning on Foundry Street in Easton.

Gary Stone told WBZ-TV he woke up at 3 a.m. and saw a sea of emergency lights outside his window.

"The car just looked like an accordion. It was just horrific," he said. It was flipped and seriously mangled.

Easton car crash mangled
The car involved in Thursday's accident flipped over. (Photo Credit: Gary Stone)

The crash also took out multiple trees and a guardrail was ripped right out of the ground.

"Everywhere you could see, there was debris everywhere. A guardrail that was typically 30-to-50 feet away, ended up in the back of one of our trucks," said Stone.

guardrail Easton truck
(Photo Credit: Gary Stone)

He owns a car dealership, Furnace Brook Motors, right where the crash took place. Stone's cars were covered in debris and some were scratched up and dented. But all he cares about are the people inside that car.

"I said a prayer right when I saw. It was really violent," he said. "That was a tough car crash."

The crash shut down the busy road for hours Thursday morning. Stone says he sees accidents near his dealership all the time and would like to see some traffic lights put in as soon as possible.

"Very active street. We always have constant accidents right here in Poquanticut [Avenue] and Foundry [Street]. Last week, my son was involved in an accident, where a tow truck totaled one of our cars. It's a fast street and people need to slow down."

The cause of the crash in still under investigation.

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