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"Only been robbed this year"; East Boston stores robbed multiple times by teenagers

East Boston stores robbed multiple times by teenagers
East Boston stores robbed multiple times by teenagers 02:19

BOSTON - Two stores in East Boston with the same owner have been robbed multiple times this year.

Police have put out a surveillance video looking for these suspects in an effort to prevent them from striking again.

Three teenagers with a sledgehammer smashed the front door and broke the glass cases of Aires Communication in East Boston, according to police, just weeks before Christmas.

Store employee Donovan Arismedy tells WBZ the teens left the cash in the register, instead stealing stole thousands of dollars in technology and accessories. He thinks they plan to re-sell it in time for the holidays.

"They gonna take cellphones, accessories, airpods, computers," said Arismedy.

What's worse it's the second time Aries Communication has been hit this year, the first was back in April. 

But the story doesn't end there, the family-owned business has a second location on Meridian Street in East Boston called Aries Media, which has also been burglarized twice. 

"This year we've been robbed four times basically, twice on the other one, twice on this one," said Juan Posada who owns both businesses. "I've been in business since 1998 and I've only been robbed this year."

Posada tells WBZ the suspects may be responsible for all four burglaries but police have not confirmed that. Posada and his employees are asking for an increased police presence.

"I hope they put 24 hours a police car. It will help," said Posada.

And neighbors agree.

"They would be more hesitant with just the visibility of a cop around here would deter them," said East Boston neighbor, Margarita Alvarez.

Police are asking anyone with any information to call immediately. It's unclear if the burglaries have been carried out by the same people.

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