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Patriots' Jonathan Jones talks Earth Day and finding your passion at Boston Children's Museum

Boston students learn about Earth Day and STEAM with Patriots' Jonathan Jones
Boston students learn about Earth Day and STEAM with Patriots' Jonathan Jones 02:09

BOSTON - New England Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones was at the Boston Children's Museum Sunday, where he teamed up with students to talk about the importance of Earth Day.

"Teach kids about Earth Day, first of all, get them interested in that and see how we can make things more sustainable and on top of that get them interested in STEM," said Jones. He was joined by students from the St. John Paul II Catholic Academy Lower Mills Campus.

Focus on mentorship and education

Jones started the Next Step Foundation in 2019, focusing on mentorship and education to provide kids with the tools they need to succeed.

"I want you guys to know there's so many different fields that you guys can go into in STEAM," Jones told the students.

During the event, the Next Step Foundation had several scientists and doctors speak about the different careers in STEAM, or science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. "I don't want you to think you are too young to find your passion," said Jones.

"These kids are our future"

Aside from being a Super Bowl champion, Jones, who has a degree in business, shared with the kids that he also has his pilot's license, which helped connect him back to the field of STEAM. Thirteen-year-old Brooke Blackwood said she's passionate about learning and found herself inspired.

"I learned about how to be sustainable and helped me be aware of how wasteful I can be sometimes," said Brooke. "And made me realize what I want to change for the next year and starting today."

Jones shared with the kids the important role they can play right now in taking care of the earth.

"I think the most important thing that I want them to know today is just what Jonathan said. To follow their dreams and to know that anything is possible," said Principal Lisa Warshafsky.

After the lesson, the kids got the chance to explore the museum and take part in all types of activities.

"These kids are our future. So technology's the future and we have to get the kids into technology and connected at a young age," said Jones.

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