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Duxbury Beach Temporarily Closed For Unconfirmed Shark Sighting

DUXBURY (CBS) - Police closed Duxbury Beach for one hour Friday afternoon after an unconfirmed shark sighting.

Sharks have been an ongoing issue on the South Shore and Cape Cod as they swim closer to beaches to feed on seals.

"It's really not surprising that they're here," said Will Woodruff, who had a boat full of kids for his fishing camp Friday afternoon.

When the shark was spotted he says they went looking for it.

"I knew they weren't going to find it," Woodruff said. "We were inside Duxbury Bay and the shark was I guess on the outside of Duxbury Beach so it was a 25 minute ride out."

The beach was reopened after a little less than an hour.

Zack Prime thinks something should be done about the sharks. He hooked one while fishing last summer. "It concerns me a little bit," Prime said. "It was crazy, it was the first time I've really seen one up close."

Woodruff has also seen his share of sharks which is why stays out of the water. "Five years ago I wouldn't even think twice to jump in the water and you know now it's like I'm not getting in the water here it's insane," Woodruff said.

But many still do and are reassured seeing the harbormaster keeping up the patrols into the night.

Duxbury's beach is not at full capacity since much of the beach is closed to protect nesting plovers.

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