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Durham, NH Still Waiting On Check To Cover Cost Of Obama Visit

DURHAM, NH (CBS) - The cost of President Obama's campaign stop in Durham, New Hampshire has turned out to be much less than expected.

While initial estimates put the cost as high as $30,000 Durham Town Administrator Todd Selig says the president's June 25th visit actually cost about $13,000.

Officials had requested that the campaign reimburse the town for the costs of the visit.

However, an anonymous donor offered to pay up to $20,000 in public safety costs for the visit.

The town says that person's lawyer has been in touch since the visit. No check has been cut yet, because the attorney wants to make sure any gift complies with campaign finance laws.

One interesting note in the cost breakdown: $1300 in towing charges at the direction of the U.S. Secret Service.

Selig says a number of private vehicles were parked in an area that Secret Service initially deemed acceptable for parking, but later determined the cars needed to be towed immediately.

Durham police managed to notify some of the car owners. The others had their vehicles towed. Because the area was not marked "No Parking," the town decided it would cover the towing costs.


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