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Dunkin' debuts new caffeinated energy drinks

Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon star in Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial
Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon star in Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial 01:58

BOSTON - Dunkin' unveiled its spring menu on Wednesday and it includes new caffeinated energy drinks. The rollout comes as a competitor, Panera Bread, faces several lawsuits related to its own energy drinks that contain a caffeine boost.

Dunkin' says its Sparkd' Energy drink, which comes in Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine flavors "provides a revitalizing burst of energy, made with vitamins, minerals and a kick of caffeine."

The new Dunkin' Sparkd' energy drinks Dunkin'

A large Sparkd' Energy has 192 milligrams of caffeine and 37 grams of sugar. In comparison, Panera's website says their Charged Lemonade energy drinks contain 236 mg of caffeine, though lawsuits filed against the company say they have as much as 390 mg

Panera has called the wrongful death lawsuits meritless. And the FDA says that 400 mg of caffeine a day - equivalent to four or five cups of coffee - is generally considered safe for healthy adults.

"However, there is wide variation in both how sensitive people are to the effects of caffeine and how fast they metabolize it (break it down)," the agency says. "Certain conditions tend to make people more sensitive to caffeine's effects, as can some medications."

In January, a Rhode Island woman sued Panera, alleging that she has long-term heart problems after drinking two-and-a-half Charged Lemonades last year. Panera's website says the beverages are not recommended for children, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine. 

New Dunkin' menu items

In addition to the energy drinks, Dunkin' is also serving up churro donuts, a churro signature latte, cinnamon vanilla coffee, banana chocolate chip bread and new "breakfast empanadas." 

Dunkin' breakfast empanada Dunkin'

"Served hot, Dunkin's Breakfast Empanada features scrambled eggs, sausage and melty cheddar cheese inside a flaky, butter-rich crust," Dunkin' says.  

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