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Drug Trafficking Suspect Accused Of Beating Her Dog In South Station

BOSTON (CBS) - A 26-year-old woman who was already facing drug trafficking charges is now accused of beating her dog inside the ladies' room at South Station.

Ana Prado of Nevada was arrested at the train station Thursday. She told officers she was heading to Suffolk Superior Court to be arraigned on the drug trafficking charges.

A witness told police that she saw Prado in the ladies' room holding the dog by its leash suspended in the air, essentially hanging the dog.

Multiple witnesses told officers they saw Prado punching and kicking the Yorkshire Terrier.

"It just blows your mind what you see. I mean every day it's something different. But the one thing I got out of this was the compassion of the people who witnessed it," MBTA Police Sgt. Preston Horton said. "We have our 'See Something, Say Something' campaign thinking of terrorism, but this time it was a small animal being abused."

The dog, named "Dolce," was turned over to animal control and was checked out by a veterinarian for any injuries.

"She's doing really well. Her physical came out to be pretty good," Dr. Marvelyn Motamed of Boston Animal Control said. "Usually after any type of trauma, the first 48 hours are the most important. So far she seems to be doing well."

Ana Prado
Ana Prado faces drug trafficking and animal cruelty charges. (Photo Credit: MBTA Police)

Prado was indicted last month after authorities say she forgot two rubber gloves full of painkillers at the Logan Airport Hyatt on September 14 and went back to try and retrieve them.

Her arraignment on those drug charges was rescheduled for Friday.

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