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Drought Drying Up Private Wells In New Hampshire

KINGSTON, NH (CBS) - Extreme drought conditions have some New Hampshire residents taking extreme measures to get by.

The well at Roxanne Moore's Kingston property dried up a month ago. Since then, the 70-year-old has been relying on friends to drop off water.

"I have someone else that does my laundry. I go to people's houses to bathe. I mean, you got to make it work," Moore said.

Members of the Kingston community have started pitching in to help people in Moore's position. Hair salon, Elation Salon, started offering free hair washes to anyone who needs them.

"Everybody is starting to talk about it and see what they can do to help each other out," Owner Laurie Farmer said.

The Kingston Fire Station has a spigot that residents can use to fill up water bottles. The local high school and YMCA are also offering showers to the public.

Some residents like Moore are praying for rain and also hoping for some water restrictions to conserve the water that has not dried up yet.

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