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Drone Catches Sharks Making 'Aggressive Moves' In Cape Cod Bay

BREWSTER (CBS) -- The state's shark researchers recently spent two days on the water of Cape Cod Bay looking for great white sharks and they found 20.

A drone caught footage of two sharks acting aggressively toward each other off the Cape, which allows researchers to learn more about their behavior.

"They're always biting each other, we can tell from the patterns of the bites that they're aggressive toward each other," said Dr. Greg Skomal, the state's lead researcher. "But we've never seen it before."

In past summers, most of the white sharks spotted and tagged, were in the waters of the Outer Cape, from Race Point, to Chatham.

Shark drone
Drone video of sharks in Cape Cod Bay (Image credit Nate Jensen)

But now, some of those tagged sharks are turning up in the bay.

"Inside the bay, we're seeing these sharks, you know, a mile, two miles, three miles from land," Dr. Skomal said.

The massive number of seals south of Chatham may be the incentive attracting the sharks. And the fact that the sharks are in the bay is already hitting home with many beach-goers.

"You just have to be concerned, and you just have to be aware and just be careful," one beach-goer said.

Another added that he still feels safe, despite the possible presence of sharks.

"I think on the bay side, I think you're safer even though they may be out there," the man said.

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