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Drivers Face Moral Dilemma When Choosing To Park In "Green Spots"

NATICK (CBS) - One of the hassles of holiday shopping is finding a parking space.

Especially on Black Friday, a parking spot is gold, unless, it's green?

On a recent trip to the Natick Mall, WBZ-TV's David Wade came across a great spot that came with a catch and a moral dilemma.

And apparently, he's not alone.

Malls are now putting prime spots right up front with signs saying reserved for "Low Emission Fuel Efficient Vehicles."

WBZ-TV's David Wade reports

But at the Natick Mall, most of the ten "green" spots were taken up by big SUV's that averaged about 16 miles per gallon.

A Natick Mall spokeswoman told WBZ they, "expect parking in the 'green spot' parking spots to be on the honor system."

What would you do? Share your responses in the comments section below.


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