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Drew Bledsoe Joins Gresh & Zolak In Studio

BOSTON (CBS) - 98.5 The Sports Hub's Gresh & Zolak show were joined by a very special guest to start their show Monday morning: Patriots Hall of Famer Drew Bledsoe.

The Patriots secured their sixth straight division title after beating Miami 41-13 Sunday afternoon at Gillette. Quarterback Tom Brady earned his 12th division title, and it marks the 14th time the Patriots have won the division since 1994, the most division championships in the NFL during that span.

Bledsoe on winning the Division:

"[Fans are] a little spoiled to be honest. I was talking to Zo on the way in, and I was like, 'How hard is it for you guys to do radio during the fall?' I mean, you win all the time. It was interesting earlier this season after the Chiefs game and the sky was falling here a little bit, it's interesting how that can become the expectation. Fans expect greatness all the time and I think sometimes people need to take a step back and realize how special this has been."

Bledsoe on Tom Brady:

"The biggest thing that I've seen in Tommy over the past couple years that's been impressive is how he has become a coach. I think he's always been that to a certain extent, but bringing along these young guys and teaching them -- I've heard anecdotally some stories from guys and how he's actually teaching as opposed to just playing. That's been really impressive. Let's be honest, these guys he's been throwing to the last couple years aren't household names. And they've still been able to win."

Bledsoe on Ben Coates/Rob Gronkowski comparison:

"I had that guy in Ben Coates who was kind of the prototype, and I would say that Gronk has been sort of the evolution of the species from Ben Coates to where we are now. He really truly is. Ben Coates in his day was that guy. He was too big for the defensive backs and too fast for the linebackers, and now Gronk is that guy -- except he's four inches taller and 40 pounds heavier. As a quarterback, it's just that guy that no matter what you can go to him. He's just never going to be covered; Coates was never covered. He could have three guys on him and everyone in the stadium knew I was throwing to him and he'd still catch it."

Bledsoe on Darrelle Revis & Brandon Browner:

"It's an offensive game, and the rules are designed for points and fantasy football. It's better for the game, let's be honest. That's what people want to watch, and it's much more difficult now, particularly if you're Brandon Browner or Darrelle Revis or bigger guys who are physical. It makes their life much harder. Watching here recently and what's going on with Browner, it's like they really are picking on him. It's the reputation that he's a physical player, but he's a very good corner and so is Revis. Revis is one of the best in the game, and it's kind of interesting how [referees] single those guys out."

Listen below for the full interview:



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