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Draft List: Jets Best & Worst Of 2015 NFL Draft

BOSTON (CBS) – The NFL Draft is in the books, but that doesn't mean The Adam Jones Show's Draft List is coming to an end.

On Monday night, Jones and Rich Keefe broke down the New England Patriots' best and worst picks of the 2015 draft, and what questions remain for the team.

Now, they move on to New England's AFC East foe: The New York Jets.

Best Pick

Leonard Williams, DT, USC

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Jones: "I don't want to sound like a broken record and go with the obvious pick every time, but when the best player in the draft falls to the Jets at pick No. 6, I feel like that's a no-brainer best pick. It may be one of the best picks of the entire draft," said Jones. "I thought the Jets move would have been to pass on Leonard Williams and let him fall down the board, and draft wide receiver Kevin White out of West Virginia. That would have been a Jets move -- this was not a Jets move."

Keefe: "They definitely lucked out based on the teams in front of them and the needs they had," said Keefe. "There were the Jets at No. 6 getting the best player, and what's funny is, you look at the years when teams traded up, even if it's only a few spots, if you move up into the top six you have to give up your entire draft. If the Jets wanted Williams and went into the night with the sixth pick, in most years, they might have had to sacrifice their draft to move up and get him."

Worst Pick

Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Jones: "It's two-fold," said Jones. "One, I think he's pretty raw as a route runner. He has all the speed in the world and made a ton of huge plays for Ohio State en route to winning a championship. But I don't like the skillset, and two, who is going to throw him the ball? Which of Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick, maybe Bryce Petty, who is getting him the ball 40 or 50 yards down the field?

"I thought they could have added a receiver who better fit the skillset they had at quarterback."

Keefe: "I think Devin Smith was their worst pick because of where they got him. He's a player who, I know he's trying to disprove this, he just runs really fast down the field," said Keefe. "Eric Decker can also do that. I am intrigued by Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall and Smith, but much like why I thought Jordan Richards was the worst pick for the Patriots, look at where they got him."

Post-Draft Questions

Jones: "Who is their quarterback? They seemingly have everything else." said Jones.

Keefe: "If you want to just win with defense and not have your quarterback make mistakes, maybe win nine games or doubtful 10 games, eek into the playoffs and have that high floor, then it's Ryan Fitzpatrick," said Keefe. "But if you potentially want to get something, have a big year passing and throwing the ball, I don't think it's Geno Smith but let him get a full season slinging it around. I would trust Geno Smith to throw the deep ball more than Fitzpatrick.

"I wouldn't be very confident in it, but anyone who has watched the NFL already knows what Ryan Fitzpatrick is."

Listen to the full segment below:

Coming up on Wednesday night, Jones and Keefe take a look at the Miami Dolphins.

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