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'We're Bracing For It': Boston Doctor Nervous About Second Coronavirus Wave

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – As we approach the winter months, it's going to be tougher being outside in the open air. As people move indoors, one Boston epidemiologist explains why she's nervous heading into the "second wave."

"What we are seeing that as the weather gets colder here, cases are going up," said Dr. Shira Doron, an epidemiologist for Tufts Medical Center.

The coronavirus numbers aren't as bad as they were in April, in the height of the pandemic, but Dr. Doron said hospitals are preparing for a tough winter ahead.

"I think that we also know that we tend to see spikes or slow rises after holidays, so when you put those things together… As a doctor and as someone who works in a hospital, I can tell you we're nervous for it. We're bracing for it," she said.

In so-called COVID-19 "red zones," like Framingham, most people are still taking precautions to stay healthy as the temperatures begin to drop.

"I've been pretty cautious the whole time. I've been washing my hands, taking sanitizer with me wherever I go," said resident Blake Schneider.

Brooke Maker told WBZ-TV, "I don't like the cold, so I stay inside for the most part. Definitely be more cautious when I'm going out."

Dr. Doron says those steps are definitely effective, but as people move indoors we could see coronavirus cases go up.

"We have to anticipate that all those things will contribute to a rise in those cases," said Dr. Doron.

Even though being vigilant is important, many people are feeling "COVID fatigue."

"I'm ready for it to be over," said Schneider.

Dr. Doron said all the things we learned to stay healthy in the spring (wearing a mask, washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces) is still the best defense against COVID-19 this winter.

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