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Dorchester Owner Denies Ever Using Pit Bulls For Dog Fighting

BOSTON (CBS) - Eleven pit bulls seized from a Dorchester home are now receiving emergency care after being found in conditions that authorities call torturous.

After receiving a tip, Boston police officers found the dogs in the basement of 56 Mather Street on Sunday.

The body of a dead pit bull was also found in a garbage bag in the yard.

"There were all sorts of animals tied on chains, in dilapidated crates, and animals trying to chew their way out of crates with bloody mouths," said Lt. Alan Borgal with the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

The owner is speaking up for the first time, telling WBZ-TV that he took in many of the dogs for others and became overwhelmed by the care.

"Sometimes I didn't even have the money to save the dogs, but I tried my best. I bit off more than I could chew. I was going to get rid of the dogs," said Tyrone Perry, who is now out of town but would not reveal his location.

Authorities say the dogs were found in filthy condition, wounded and malnourished.

Officials call the area where they were being kept an illegal kennel and say there was evidence of dog fighting.

"We're concerned with paraphernalia for alleged dog fighting or intentions to fight animals. These animals were not receiving good veterinary care," said Lt. Borgal.

But Tyrone Perry says the dogs made him feel like he was living in a prison and claims he never used
them for dog fighting.

"I never fought a dog in my life. I have stopped dogs from fighting each other, hurting each other," he said.

He claims the deceased dog was killed by the others before he could stop it, with evidence of bite marks.

WBZ-TV's Beth Germano reports

He says the ground was too cold to bury the dog in the yard so he claims he put the body temporarily in a garbage bag.

The owners son, also named Tyrone Perry, admits the father was worried what authorities would think if they were alerted, and he tried to help.

"Not only for their safety and well being, but because they needed better homes," he tells WBZ-TV.

Now their future is uncertain. So far no charges have been filed.

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