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Person, Dog Killed In Dorchester Fire

BOSTON (CBS) -- A person and a dog were killed in a fire at a triple-decker in Dorchester Monday morning. When Boston firefighters arrived around 6:30 a.m., flames could be seen on the third floor and roof of the building on Holmes Avenue.

The victim, who was pulled from the fire and rushed to Boston Medical Center, has not been identified. No other injuries were reported.

"He probably was sleeping. I don't know where the fire started but maybe he just got overcome by smoke and couldn't get himself out," said Deputy Fire Chief Bernard Tully.

A dog also living on the third floor did not make it out alive. "It was so thick with smoke. I couldn't breathe or see her. I had to just turn around screaming her name but she just didn't come," said Christopher Hall.

A cat belonging to Marlon Fig, who lives on the second floor, was rescued by firefighters. "I asked them please go look for my cat and they were very nice to go back and find it," she said.

Fig has lived there for 14 years and was at work when the fire broke out. "My neighbors are OK, it was just a terrible thing to hear on the job," she said. "But we're alive and we are grateful."

At least four people were displaced.

Tully said it took them about 30 minutes to knock the fire down.

"The fire kept going and going. And the flames -- I was worried it was going to explode," said Abbi Abuaka, who lives next door.

The department estimated the damage to be about $400,000.

No word yet on what caused the fire.


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