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Boston Police Search For Woman Who Flipped Coolatta Machine At Dorchester Dunkin'

BOSTON (CBS) - Police are looking for a woman they said overturned a Coolatta machine at a Dorchester Dunkin' Donuts when the drink she wanted wasn't on the menu.

Police are looking for a woman they said drove off in an SUV from a Dorchester Dunkin' Donuts after flipping a Coolatta machine. (Photo credit: Boston Police Department)

Police said the woman went through the drive-thru window and asked for a multicolored Coolatta. When the woman working the drive-thru said that wasn't on the menu, the customer allegedly began yelling and swearing through the drive-thru window before she drove to the front the restaurant, entered and began yelling at the staff. Police said she then reached over the front counter and pushed the Coolatta machine to the floor, nearly hitting the drive-thru worker.

The woman then left the store in a gray SUV, police said. Anyone with information about the customer is asked to call Boston Police.


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