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April Showers Bring May Flowers. That is such an encouraging saying, but it isn't exactly accurate these days. Something more fitting might be, "April Blizzards Bring May Lizards"… Ok, we're still working on it…. But while we do that, you can take a look at all of these awesome CBS Local E.S.P. "spring" essentials:

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Photo Credit: Cadbury Photo Credit: Cadbury

Cadbury Creme Egg
Price:$34.24 4-count, 6-pack
Buy Here

Ah Easter, the great celebration of dyed eggs and delicious chocolates. With the candy that started it all (ok, maybe not started it but sure as heck beats the rest) you can take a walk down memory lane. The Cadbury Crème Egg is the sweet milk chocolate treat that will melt in your mouth and in your hand. As the sugary center oozes from the egg, you'll be thrown back to a time when Easters were spent in the warm outdoors.


The Best Electric Power Washer
Price: $199.95
Buy Here

Though the warm weather is coming ridiculously slow this year, rest a sure it is still coming. So don't be caught with your pants down (figuratively…) when it's the perfect BBQ weather and you have the filthiest house around. Grab The Best Electric Power Washer and get ready for the days of cold beer, hot sun and hours of lounging on your spotless deck. Not only will you have the cleanest house around but you'll also be environmentally aware, because the 1800-watt motor generates up to 1 3/4 gallons-per-minute white using 80% less water than a garden hose.


Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack
Price: $95.00
Buy Here

It's that time of year again friends; when the shirts come off and the keg stands begin. That's right, it's SPRING BREAK BABY! You know you're going to need the most durable, water proof luggage on that trip to Mehico. So, grab this Aquapac and keep all of your belongings beer and water free. Partaking in a few wet t-shirt contests? Don't worry; the internal pockets are designed to keep your wet and dry items separate. And, since it's 100% PVC-Free it'll stay supple and crack-free even in extreme weather… Who wouldn't want a crack-free bag.

Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

Sony NEX-5TL Compact Digital Camera
Price: Was $698, Now $349.99
Buy Here

Capture those Passover, Easter, Passter, whatever moments with this awesome Sony digital camera. Not only will you be able to show your grand kiddy's pics from your holiday weekend, but you'll also have proof of the first year Spring stopped existing…

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Boston.
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