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Elizabeth Warren says Trump returning to White House "not going to happen"

Keller @ Large: How long does Elizabeth Warren plan to remain in Senate?
Keller @ Large: How long does Elizabeth Warren plan to remain in Senate? 05:04

BOSTON – Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she is confident that former president Donald Trump won't be returning to the White House when votes are tallied in the 2024 election.

Warren was asked if she is concerned that Trump could defeat President Joe Biden.

"That's not going to happen, I feel pretty confident about this," she said.

Warren said she believes voters will vote based on what she sees as a contrast between the two. She cited two "major" issues that happened during Trump's presidency – the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and a tax cut that Warren said "mostly went" to wealthy Americans.

Meanwhile, Warren said, she believes Biden is "fighting for working families."

"I am out there fighting for Joe Biden because I truly believe that his presidency is a strong presidency, he is a strong president," Warren said.

Warren was asked about her own political career as well. She plans to run for a third term in 2024.

The Massachusetts Democrat turns 75 in June, and would be 81 years old by the end of a third term. She was asked if that would be her final term, or if she would seem reelection for a fourth term that would last until she was 87.

"What I want to do is the work that's in front of me right now. And I have the energy to do that work. I've got the fight in me to make it happen," Warren said. "But I want to say this. I am so deeply honored that the people of Massachusetts chose me to be their senator 12 years ago, sent me down to Washington on their behalf. I regard that as a sacred trust. And I am grateful, and I get up every day to get in the fight on their behalf. That's what I'll keep doing."

Keller @ Large: Elizabeth Warren on Donald Trump

Keller @ Large: Sen. Elizabeth Warren says Donald Trump returning to White House "not going to happen" 07:10
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