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Dog Needs Life-Saving Surgery After Eating Paper Masks; Animal Groups Urge Proper PPE Disposal

BOSTON (CBS) -- A dog that needed life-saving surgery after eating paper masks will soon be up for adoption in Boston. Local animal groups are using the example as an opportunity to remind everyone that PPE should be thrown away safely so animals won't get hurt.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is caring for "Gibbs" who was found in an abandoned home with other dogs. X-rays showed nose wires from two discarded paper masks were creating a "life-threatening blockage" and he received surgery just in time.

Gibbs XRay2
Gibbs the dog ate paper masks (Photo credit: Animal Rescue League of Boston)

The ARL says Gibbs is recovering well and will be up for adoption sometime next week once he gains more weight.

The ARL is joining the Massachusetts Veterinary Medication Association and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources in urging everyone to properly dispose of PPE like masks and gloves.

"Masks can smell like food and might attract pets and wildlife," the MVMA said in a statment. "Animals that ingest these items can experience stomach upset, blockages, or worse."

PPE should be thrown away in a covered waste container to protect animals.



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