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Abused Dog That Chewed Off Foot To Escape Tether Will Undergo Surgery In Boston

JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) -- A dog that chewed off his own foot to escape a tether will undergo a unique surgery at the MSPCA's Angell Animal Medical Center this week.

The MSPCA said Maverick, a two-year-old German Shephard, was taken in on July 12 after he became trapped and chewed off his right rear foot. Maverick was emaciated when they took him in, and his legs were covered in scars from being trapped in the past.

"He essentially had a rope wrapped around his leg which had cut into his leg," says Alyssa Krieger from the MSPCA.

The MSPCA said they believe Maverick was trapped for at least a full day, and was desperate to escape.

"He chewed off all of his toes on his back right foot," Krieger explains. "I've been working here for 6 and a half years ... this is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Just clear-cut, horrible abuse."

That's when an MSPCA law officer took Maverick from his former owner, Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro.

Kennedy was charged with felony animal cruelty for neglect as well as for not pursuing care.

Authorities call it a shocking case of animal abuse--but there is hope for a positive ending, as Maverick prepares for his surgery at the MSPCA's Jamaica Plain facility.

The MSPCA said the surgery was developed here at the Angell hospital in Boston. The typical treatment would be leg amputation, but since Maverick also has damaged hips, he wouldn't be able to walk without four legs.

"We'll take what's left of his paw pad and put it on the most weight bearing part of his foot to allow him the ability to walk normally for the rest of his life," said Krieger.

That surgery will be pretty expensive--the MSPCA says it will cost over $5,000--so the organization is seeking donations to help cover the cost.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Maverick's surgery can visit

He'll be placed up for adoption after two weeks of recovery, and anyone interesting in adopting him can contact the MSPCA at

"His prognosis is fantastic and we're all really thrilled about that," Krieger says.

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