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Dog Bite Leaves Woman With Life-Threatening Injuries

MARSTONS MILLS (CBS) - A woman was seriously injured by a dog bite on Saturday.

Scanner reports indicates a 36-year old woman suffered a dog bite to the face on Water's Edge around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, leaving her with potentially life threatening injuries. Dispatchers described the woman's injuries in radio reports as a complete amputation of her lower lip and face.

Police say a woman has life threatening injuries from this dog's bite. (Photo from

Neighbors told WBZ-TV's Chantee Lans the woman lived with the dog that bit her.

The woman was bit on Water's Edge. (Photo from

The woman was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital by medical helicopter, according to police.

Neighbors say the woman lived in the Water's Edge home with her husband or boyfriend.

"That's a shame, I know they just moved here and they're a wonderful couple. That's very sad," neighbor Alexis Julsonnet said.

Video shows an Animal Control officer corralling the offending dog into a van. The dog's breed is unclear. The woman's current condition is unknown.

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