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Doctors Reveal Best Remedy For Hangovers

BOSTON (CBS) - An extra glass of wine or one more beer, and you can pay for it in the morning with a splitting headache. But now, researchers say they have found the best way to avoid that "morning after" feeling.

There are all kinds of wives' tales which promise relief from a hangover. People told us they might have a beer in the morning, eat bananas, or go to the gym.

Other popular cures include guzzling water, eating a greasy breakfast, or drinking a Bloody Mary.

One man said, "I drink a Gatorade the night before, and I'll have a protein shake in the morning."

WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben reports.

Dr. Michael Oshinksy found another solution while conducting research on headaches. The revelation came when he was working with rats.

"Rats would get headaches very similar to humans because they have a similar physiology, even though they look very different," he explained.

Researchers determined a rat has a headache when it gets super sensitive around the eyes.

Oshinsky added, "We developed sensory tests on the face and around the eyes of a rat where we can determine when the rat is having a headache."

Watching the rats' reaction debunked the popular myth that a hangover headache is the result of dehydration. It's actually caused by a bi-product of the alcohol, which makes our heads hurt.

Oshinksy found that the best remedy for a headache is a combination of caffeine and anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or aspirin.

"If a person uses alcohol in a significant amount and they expect to get a headache, they should take that a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug soon after finishing drinking, and they should definitely have a coke or a coffee the next morning," said Oshinsky.

Even though anti inflammatories are sold over the counter, they can still present side effects. It's important to follow the directions on the package carefully.

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