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Doctor recommends getting flu shot earlier due to rise in cases

Doctor recommends getting flu shots earlier due to rise in cases
Doctor recommends getting flu shots earlier due to rise in cases 02:13

By Jordyn Jagolinzer, WBZ-TV

NATICK - Doctors' offices across the state are being inundated with sick kids, with flu cases popping up earlier than usual.

Doctor Ashley Ferullo is a pediatrician in Natick. She tells WBZ her office is already starting to see flu cases. Typically, it's more common closer to November.

"We're starting to see more than we would usually expect," Dr. Ferullo said. She continued, "kids were being more protected the last couple of years so their immune systems haven't had as much exercise."

Natick parents and their children, just about all know someone who is sick. One dad told us his daughter is currently sick. Another mom said her daughter had to miss school for a couple of days. "I did wonder if it was maybe sudden exposure to a lot of different kids," she said.

Students also have a lot of friends under the weather. One 7th grade student said, "We're just worried because there's so many ways you can get sick, and you can't miss school this early on."

Another two 7th graders said, "We got a cold both of us a few days ago actually."

Both parents and students say they plan to get their flu shots soon.

Doctor Ferullo recommends pushing up the usual timeline. "Because we're starting to see cases get your flu shots in the next couple weeks," she said.

One 11-year-old is keeping his distance from some classmates saying, "When I was at school, I heard people sniffling a lot and going to the tissue box."

Another 4th grader noticing the same thing in his class Wednesday. "Every 30 seconds or so there was another cough," said the boy.

Doctor Ferullo's office is keeping a close eye on the flu cases in her office. She hopes they don't get as serious as some cases coming out of Australia.

"Viruses are smart, if they didn't have a good season last year, they adapt to that," said Dr. Ferullo.  

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