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RMV Warns Of 'DMV' Texting Scam

BOSTON (CBS) -- Massachusetts residents should ignore any texts from the "DMV" asking for personal information - in part because the state doesn't have a DMV, and also because they are from a phishing scam.

The state's Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) said Thursday that the scam has been reported in Massachusetts and other states. Scammers sending the texts claim to be from the "DMV" and ask the recipient to click on a link to update personal contact information.

"Customers can identify this type of text as a phishing scam because it includes 'DMV' and in Massachusetts 'DMV' is not the name of the Registry of Motor Vehicles; in Massachusetts, the name of the Registry is abbreviated as 'RMV,'" the RMV said in a statement. "Any text using the phrase 'Department of Motor Vehicles'" or 'DMV' should be deleted."

The RMV added that it does not send unsolicited requests for personal information to people by text, unless a customer initiates a request or transaction.


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