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Divorce Judge Awards Most Of Christy Mihos' Fortune To Wife

BOSTON (CBS) --- The judge overseeing the divorce case of former convenience store magnate Christy Mihos has awarded most of the couple's remaining four million in assets to his wife Andrea.

It's a case Judge Robert Scandurra calls "unnerving" and "bizarre" and believes Mihos has no one to blame but himself.

It looked like happier times when Mihos made two bids for governor of Massachusetts, but the case reveals a family that never supported his runs for the office, and the judge found Mihos to be "deceptive, ego-driven, impulsive and rash, and ended up being financially devastating."

According to the judge's order Mihos admitted he lied to and deceived his family when he said he wouldn't use personal funds in his two failed bids for governor. In his 2010 campaign he also admitted it wasn't a serious bid, what he called a lark.

Andrea Mihos' attorneys say he squandered an astounding $25 million since selling his convenience store empire in 2009, some on politics, a lot on prostitutes.

His own daughter Ashley testified that she heard Mihos call his wife names that were "vile and some of the worst names this court has heard."

Mihos still faces charges of assaulting his wife in their lavish West Yarmouth home that has been ordered by the judge to be sold.

The documents say Mihos admitted he did "not consider the real consequences to those he loved the most."


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