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Distraction Brewing Company, Local Artists Team Up To Support Charity

BOSTON (CBS) - A beer designed to give back. "It's refreshing, it's hazy. It's delightful," said Lora Estey, co-owner of Distraction Brewing Company.

But 'Tommy's Distraction' is not just about the taste. Distraction Brewing Company launched a new yearlong campaign where they will partner with local artists to create a charitable beer.

The Roslindale brewery approached Boston artist Erica Hagler, who goes by the name Blind Fox, to design the first beer can of the initiative. In turn, Distraction asked her to choose an organization to receive 100% of the proceeds.

"Last year I had been brought in to do a mural for Tommy's Place. And that's an inn for kids that have cancer on the Cape. And it's a free place for the families to go on vacation. I just thought it would be a perfect connection between the two because the art that I completed at Tommy's Place just would look perfect on a can," said Hagler.

Tommy's Distraction
Cans of 'Tommy's Distraction' brewed by Distraction Brewing Company (WBZ-TV)

"I'm really excited to be able to give back to organizations like that. It doesn't just bring them money but it brings them awareness, so a lot of people now know about Tommy's Place," said Lora.

The campaign launched on January 21st and Distraction has been hard at work brewing 20 barrels of the charity beer, already raising thousands of dollars for Tommy's Place.

"We've gone through two sets of beers already that have already been sold. And we haven't even canned it yet, the second set and we're planning on several more. So everybody seems to really like the beer," said Mike Estey, co-owner of Distraction Brewing Company.

Ultimately, they hope to raise over $10,000 for the organization.

"Distraction Brewery is getting a beautiful can, Tommy's Place is getting awareness and the artist is getting exposure so it's kind of a symbiotic relationship between all three and I love this idea," said Hagler.

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