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Disney Replacing Hippo Statue Taken From Child's Grave In Hudson

HUDSON (CBS) - Michelle Roderick was devastated after a thief stole a dancing Hyacinth hippo statue from her 4-year-old daughter's grave site in Hudson last month.

The statue, which was discontinued, had enormous sentimental value to the family, and was essentially irreplaceable.

On Thursday, someone at Disney called Roderick to tell her they had caught wind of the story through a number of emails.

Disney managed to track down the original mold of the statue and had made a replacement made.

Roderick says she was told that the replacement statue is on its way to Florida to be painted purple. It should be completed in the next couple of months.

Roderick says she's still saddened by whoever took the statue, but she's thrilled with the support people have shown her.

"Although I would have loved for Erin's original Hyacinth to have been returned, this it extremely cool (obviously!) and I have gratefully accepted the replacement Hyacinth. This one is really is a one of a kind, just like Erin," Roderick said in an email to WBZ-TV.


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