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Dion Lewis Takes Back Patriots Trash Talk From Last Year: 'All Fun And Games'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Last year, Dion Lewis was miffed. Understandably so.

After amassing over 2,100 yards on 378 touches and helping to win a Super Bowl across three seasons in New England, the running back was a bit bothered by the Patriots' lack of interest in him as a free agent. Lewis ended up signing for $8.25 million of guaranteed money from the Tennessee Titans.

And when those Titans beat the Patriots in Week 10, Lewis felt like taking a few shots at his former employer.

"That's what happens when you go cheap. You get your ass kicked," Lewis said after the game.

Lewis added: "I just had to let our team know that these guys are beatable. … I know those guys. I know that you [can] be physical with them and let 'em have it and they'll fold."

The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl. The Titans went on to ... lose their next two games by a combined score of 72-27 en route to missing the postseason.

Lewis, now nine months wiser, told reporters after Wednesday's joint practice session with the Patriots that, well, none of that was serious.

"Naw, man. They know it's all fun and games," Lewis told reporters Wednesday when asked if any of his former teammates had anything to say about last year's comments. "Just competitive -- guys are out here talking trash today. So it's all, that's what you do, when you go against somebody, you talk trash, you compete and you just try to get better. So that's just what it is, when you're on the field, you've gotta have that mind-set. Just having fun."

As for any lingering feelings of resentment toward the Patriots?

"That's old news, man," Lewis insisted. "I'm just happy I'm here."

The Patriots continue their preseason on Saturday night in Nashville, and WBZ-TV has you covered from start to finish. Tune in Saturday at 7 p.m. to watch the Patriots take on the Titans, and stay tuned after the game for Patriots Fifth Quarter, with live reaction and press conferences from Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

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