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Deval Patrick For VP? Report Says Biden Eyeing Ex-Mass. Gov

BOSTON (CBS) -- How does "Vice President Deval Patrick" sound?

The Boston Herald reports that, according to a former New York Times Magazine editor, there's talk in Democratic circles of a scenario that could elevate the former Massachusetts governor to VP.

The reported plan involves Vice President Joe Biden entering the race for president, and earning the endorsement of President Barack Obama by choosing Patrick as his running mate. Biden would also supposedly pledge to serve only one term, opening the door for a possible Patrick presidency by 2020.

A political science professor tells WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that it's a little early for that kind of speculation.

"I think it would be a surprisingly unsavvy move for someone like Joe Biden this early in the game to play that bargaining card and lock himself into that choice," said St. Anselm College professor Chris Galdieri .

If Biden does decide to run, Galdieri says there are a number of deadlines in major states he must meet, and he'll need to hire staff quickly.

"If I were Joe Biden and I were thinking about getting into the race this late, I would want to have as many options to me as possible," he said. "Picking a running mate this early in the game would be closing those off without necessarily a whole lot of benefit to me as a candidate."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Doug Cope reports: 

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