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Celtics Guard Dennis Schroder Explains What Really Happened With That Contract Extension From Lakers

BOSTON (CBS) -- Dennis Schroder reportedly turned down an $84 million extension from the Los Angeles Lakers last season, a decision that cost him a ton of money this summer. Instead of having a nice fat contract with Los Angeles, the point guard ended up settling for a one-year, $5.9 million deal with the Celtics this offseason.

Schroder doesn't seem too upset over that lost income. As he took the podium for Celtics media day on Monday, he said that money isn't everything, and it didn't sound like he was every really comfortable during his one year in Los Angeles.

He also said that the big-money contract was never technically offered by the Lakers, as the two sides agreed not to have contract talks during the season.

"At the end of the day, I never had that contract in front of me. They wanted to talk, and at the end of the day, me and my agent decided not to sign that contract. For me, personally, I've got to be comfortable in the environment I'm in," Schroder told reporters at the Celtics' practice facilities in Brighton. "I love the Lakers organization and they did some great things. But it's just business.

"I don't think I fit in 100 percent," he added. "You play with LeBron and [Anthony Davis], two of the best players in the NBA, I don't think I gave them everything that I bring to the table."

Schroder, who signed a four-year, $70 million deal with the Atlanta Hawks in 2016, said that money isn't always the biggest factor when it comes to signing with a team.

"For me and my family, I signed a pretty good contract after my fourth year, so me and my family are going to be good. I'm 28 and I'm still playing in the NBA for a long time. Money is not everything," he said. "At all times, I want to be comfortable in my situation and know that people appreciate me. At the end of the day, that's it."

He certainly felt that from the Celtics over the summer. The Boston brass and Celtics players never really thought they'd have a shot at adding a player like Schroder this offseason. But after the first few days of free agency passed and the point guard did not have a new deal, Boston put on a full court press to land his services. Brad Stevens and Ime Udoka reached out to him, as did Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and his former teammate in Atlanta, Al Horford.

"It showed me that they really, really want me here. I think that was a great sign for me, and that's the reason I decided to come to Boston," he explained Monday. "We have a great group of guys who want to compete and want to win. I'm really excited."

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