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Dennis Schroder Is Letting Fans Vote For Which Number He'll Wear With Celtics

BOSTON (CBS) -- Dennis Schroder needs a new number now that he's a member of the Boston Celtics. With so many numbers hanging in the rafters at TD Garden, the point guard is a little short on options.

Whatever digits he wears on his new Boston jersey, it will be decided by fans. Which could go terribly wrong for Schroder.

Schroder's list of numbers is now down to five, and fans can vote for their choice on his online app, DS17. Voting runs through Friday.

But this may backfire on Schroder, who is a fan of the German soccer club Eintracht Braunschweig, his hometown team. Fans of Hannover 96 -- Eintracht Braunschweig's biggest rival -- swarmed the voting process last round, and got No. 96 into the list of finalists. Given his fandom, it may be tough for Schroder to sport that number on his jersey for a full season.

The point guard would have preferred No. 17, which is the spot he was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2013 and the number he wore with the Hawks, Thunder and Lakers. But that will never be worn by a Celtics player again, long retired in honor of the great John Havlicek.

Now fans will decide if Schroder will wear No. 8, 71, 80, 84 or 96. No. 84 being a finalist is also a bit of a troll job by fans, after Schroder reportedly turned down an $84 million extension from the Lakers last season. He instead signed with Boston for $5.6 million over the offseason.

The internet can be a cold, cruel place sometimes.

No. 8 has been fairly popular in Boston, with 14 players in team history donning the digit. It was last worn by Kemba Walker. No one in Boston history has worn 71, 80, 84 or 96, so Schroder would be the first.

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