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DeMarcus Cousins Wanted To Fight Every Celtics Player During Warriors Blowout Loss

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Celtics actually showed some fight in their 128-95 blowout win over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. Like some real, actual fight.

At least what classifies as a "fight" in the NBA. Things got a bit chippy during the fourth quarter at Oracle, with Boston holding on to a comfortable 28-point advantage. Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins tried to back down Aron Baynes, but the C's big man took the contact and fell to the floor, drawing the offensive foul. Cousins, who wasn't having a particularly fun evening, did not appreciate what he saw as a flop by Baynes.

Cousins let Baynes know that he didn't admire his tumble to the ground, sharing some words as "All of Australia" was still on the floor. Jayson Tatum came over to give Cousins a little shove away from his teammate, and Cousins being Cousins, lost his temper and shoved back. Terry Rozier came to Tatum's defense and gave Cousin's a shove of his own, before Baynes got up and started barking at the Warriors big man.

Being an NBA "fight," the fracas ended there. Cousins and Rozier were both hit with double technical fouls and sent to their respective locker rooms. Cousins, who said the brouhaha was "silly" and a whole lot of nothing, finished the night with 10 points off just 4-for-12 shooting from the floor in Golden State's worse loss of the season.

But Celtics teammates sticking up for each other? That sort of display has been absent from the Celtics far too much this season. Even though the tussle was nothing more than a glorified shoving match, perhaps paired with a monster road win over the defending champs is the spark the Celtics been looking for all season.

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