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Delta plane collides with another plane at Logan Airport

Delta plane hits another plane at Logan Airport
Delta plane hits another plane at Logan Airport 00:59

BOSTON – The FAA is investigating after a Delta plane headed to Los Angeles hit another plane when it was leaving the gate at Logan Airport Friday evening. Delta said it was a minor, low-speed collision.

"As a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 was pushing back from its gate at Boston Logan International Airport around 7 p.m. local time, its left winglet clipped the horizontal stabilizer of an empty Delta Air Lines Bombardier CRJ-900 that was parked at an adjacent gate," the FAA said.

No injuries were reported.

Pictures from passengers on board show damage to the Delta's winglet.

Delta wing
A Delta plane's winglet clipped another plane at Logan Airport Samantha Butler

"For me the crazy thing was after they noticed that they hit the other plane, they were going to have someone from maintenance come to check it out to see if it was still able to fly," said passenger Alyssa Ramirez. "So, they still kept us on the plane and considered flying the plane even though one of the wings had a hole in it."

Air traffic controllers were not handling the aircraft when the collision occurred.

Delta was finding other flights for all the passengers on a different airplane and they apologized for the inconvenience.

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