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Man Rescues 3 Dogs From Burning Car

DEDHAM (CBS) – A Dedham man on his way to work Wednesday saved three dogs from a burning car at an apartment complex.

Peter Koska was about to get in his own car when he saw a SUV engulfed in flames. In the backseat were three very nervous dogs.

Fortunately, the door was unlocked. The first two jumped right out, but the third large dog wouldn't move.

Several dogs were rescued from a burning car in Dedham. (Image Credit: Dedham Fire Department)

Koska reached in and pulled him out, then there was a loud boom and the flames spread.

Koska said the rescue was a no brainer.

"My son has a dog. We love it like family. I figured those dogs have to be family to somebody," Koska said. "Very fortunate we got them out safely. Could have been disastrous."

It turns out their dog walker had been inside the complex picking up another animal. She lost her car and cell phone, but no people, firefighters, nor animals were hurt.

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