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DeAndre Hopkins is listening to the haters: "I'm old and can't get open"

BOSTON -- DeAndre Hopkins is getting closer to actually signing with a new team. And his ears are apparently perked up a bit.

Following news breaking Friday morning of Hopkins scheduling a free-agent meeting with the Patriots next week, and with a trip to the Titans already on the docket, wheels are officially in motion for Hopkins to find his new home. While he hasn't commented on those trips publicly, he has used Twitter to let everybody know that he's been listening to the doubters.

On Friday, Hopkins came across a tweet that displayed some of his stats from last year, a tweet which concluded with the following line: "This shows he had no drop off in his ability to get open."

Hopkins quote-tweeted it and sarcastically said, "Shhhhh. I'm old and can't get open."

Hopkins also quote-tweeted a writer who covers the Titans. Above a video showing Hopkins' highlights from last season, that writer sarcastically wrote that Hopkins is "washed" and advised other teams not to sign him, as a tongue-in-cheek way to try to get the receiver to Tennessee. Whether or not Hopkins picked up on that humor, he offered just an ellipsis for commentary on his quote tweet.

The 31-year-old Hopkins doesn't always have much to say, especially on social media. But he clearly wanted to let the world know that as he gets ready to sign with a new team ... he is listening.

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