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Study: Day After Election The 'Saddest Day Of The Year' For 'Partisan Losers'

BOSTON (CBS) – A study conducted by The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University suggests some people get so upset after their candidate loses an election, it's worse than a national tragedy for them.

Researchers found that losing an election created increases in sadness and decreases in happiness that were twice as intense and severe as the Boston Marathon bombings had on people who lived in Boston and the Newtown shooting had on people who were parents.

"This result suggests that the day after the election may be the saddest day of the year for a large fraction of people," researcher Todd Rogers told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

These supporters, called "partisan losers," are defined as people who claim to support the losing candidate. This makes up 35 percent of the United States public in any election.

Rogers also concluded that partisan identity is even more central to individuals than past research has shown.

"It appears to be a pretty intense and central part of who we are. It affects our well-being," Rogers told.

Rogers talks to WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Diane Stern


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