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David Price Says He Could Have Addressed Eckersley In 'Different Way'

BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox pitcher David Price spoke to the media Saturday for the first time since a Boston Globe article was published that detailed his confrontation with Hall of Fame pitcher and current television commentator Dennis Eckersley on a team flight.

The high-priced lefty told reporters Saturday that he plans to speak with Eckersley.

"It's unfortunate that it happened, but it did, and we'll get through it," Price said.

Price said that his issue with Eckersley is that he never comes into the clubhouse.

"If Eck was around, he would know who we are, but he's never in the clubhouse. Mr. Remy's always in here. Dave O'Brien, he's always around. Tim Timlin, on the road, he's always in the clubhouse. He's the one guy I've seen in my career who never shows his face in the clubhouse," Price said.

He wouldn't commit to whether or not he will apologize but said, "When he's around, we'll talk."

But is Price sounding as if may have made a mistake enough to impress the Red Sox fans. One fan isn't so sure.

"I think that there's some problems between him and Ecklersley personally. And I think at the end of the day, Eck's a Hall of Famer, and he (Price) has yet to prove that he's anything but a second rate player at this point for the Red Sox," the fan said.

Price has been at the center of controversy after the confrontation with Eckersley during a team flight to Toronto on June 29. Price said he doesn't think the controversy has impacted the team has played on the field.

"I don't that's affected, you know, what we do in here at all. It's not something we talked about, you know, after it happened, or any other time," Price said. "I don't think it's affected us. We just haven't been playing the kind of baseball we're capable of playing."

Dennis Eckersley David Price
Dennis Eckersley and David Price. (Images credit: Getty Images)

One fan thinks the issue has put a damper on the team's focus.

"What's important is the camaraderie and the team relationship and I think that there's something missing there," the fan said.

Some Red Sox fans seem ready to get past this incident. One fan says it's time to get past the controversy.

"It shows he recognized that he didn't handle it well and he's taking the high road. I agree we need him pitching well. Let's get him back in the line-up and let's get some wins," one fan said.

Another fan agreed but said he hasn't been following the controversy.

"I don't pay attention to that stuff. That's all trash talk. That means nothing to me. His elbow needs to get better, we need him on the mound. Let's get him pitching," the fan said.

One fan though said that because the lefty is in the public eye, people are more likely to notice what he does.

"He is a celebrity and people know that. When you're in the stage you gotta face the music. And I think he did the right thing, he needed to come clean and put the past behind him," the fan said.


Eckersley, who is at the Baseball Hall of Fame for this weekend's induction ceremonies, has not commented on the incident.

On Friday, Price was scratched from his start and placed on the 10-day disabled list with left elbow inflammation.

David Price speaks to reporters about Eckersley issue

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