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David Ortiz's Daughter Shares Optimism As Father Remains In ICU After Shooting

BOSTON (CBS) – David Ortiz's daughter said in an Instagram post Wednesday night that her father remains upbeat while recovering from surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. Ortiz was shot Sunday night during an ambush in the Dominican Republic.

Alex Ortiz posted a thank you message for the support her family has received since the shooting.

"I find myself complaining on a daily basis yet chaos has struck but my dad hasn't complained once," she wrote. "I promise on my life he has not once looked for pity, tears, or even indicated how he feels in his current state. He may be hungry (he's eating only ice right now) and he may be tired but you know what he said not more than 3 minutes ago? 'Even the toothpaste tastes good here.'"


Police in the Dominican Republic said the shooting was a hit that paid about $8,000. The suspected gunman and five other men are under arrest, though a motive is still not clear.

"I hoped to share a bit of optimism in a time like this," Alex Ortiz wrote. "People keep asking: [if] there is anything [they] can do. There is one thing everyone can do. Anytime you want to complain or feel sorry practice David's method and turn that sorrow into optimism."

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