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David Ortiz Shags Fly Balls With Peyton Manning At MLB All-Star Game

BOSTON (CBS) -- You never know what you're going to see in the wide world of sports. Sometimes, you may even see two legends of two different sports partaking in an activity that neither is particularly familiar with.

That played out on Monday in Denver, as Red Sox legend David Ortiz and future football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning roamed the outfield for batting practice at Coors Field.

In a video shared by the Red Sox on Twitter, the duo hovered near Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes.

The video started with Manning snaring a fly ball.

"It's just a bit ironic. You're teaching him how to catch, and you were a DH," Barnes said to Ortiz.

Ortiz said of Manning, "He asked me, 'You ever dove for one?' I was like, 'That wasn't in my contract.'"

The two were popular out there, too. The White Sox shared a video of All-Stars Carlos Rodon and Lance Lynn introducing themselves to the two legendary figures.

Ortiz appeared in a promo video for the expansion of "Peyton's Places," along with Abby Wambach, Ronda Rousey, Vince Carter and Eli Manning. So expect to see some more of this unexpected duo on a screen near you in the future.

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