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David Hogg Joins Students In March From Worcester To Springfield For Gun Reform

WORCESTER (CBS) -- Massachusetts high school students are joining Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg in a 50-mile march to push for gun violence protection. Dozens of students gathered at Worcester City Hall Thursday morning for a brief rally before they began their three-day walk to the Smith and Wesson headquarters in Springfield.

Forty of those students are expected to take part in the entire march to the gun manufacturer's doorstep.

David Hogg spoke to the crowd and the media at Thursday's rally. "We are here not to take anybody's rights away. We're here to respect and understand the fact that in the same way that we as Americans have the right to bear arms, we are children have the right to live," he said.

Vikiana Petit-Homme from Boston and Jack Torres from Somerville are march organizers. "Getting youth involved is really important. Getting them involved in the political process, getting them involved with activism and issues they care about, getting them registered to vote, those are all big focal points of our march," Jack told WBZ-TV.

JAck Torres and Vikiana Petit-Homme (WBZ-TV)

Vikiana added, "You can support the Second Amendment and still want to live and still think that there should be stronger gun laws. It's not one or the other."

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