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Dave Cowens On Gresh & Zo: Carmelo On The Celtics Wouldn't Feel Right

BOSTON (CBS) - Celtics great and Basketball Hall of Famer Dave Cowens called in to 98.5 The Sports Hub's Gresh & Zolak show and weighed in on Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love and the future of the Boston Celtics as we approach the NBA draft later this month.

The big news in Celtics land came from over the weekend when Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love was seen frolicking around the city of Boston, even getting a shoutout from David Ortiz on Twitter and stopping to say hi to Rajon Rondo on the street.

The rumor mill is spinning faster than ever, with some even speculating that a deal with the T-Wolves is already in the works.

Dave Cowens, a former power forward himself, talked about Love Wednesday morning.

"Kevin Love is an outstanding player. He's a solid contributor night in and night out. He has unique skills for a big guy, and I'm most impressed with his ability to rebound in traffic for a guy that's not really that big. He's just got a great sense for the ball -- kind of like [Jared] Sullinger does, but I think he's a step above that because he's got more experience.

"He also has a really solid three-point shot. He's a good free throw shooter. He's smart. He knows how to play the game and he really loves what he does. To get Kevin Love would be an excellent pickup. If they decide to keep Rondo then they really have two guys they can build around."

Having two guys to build around is essential in the NBA, and the internet is rampant with speculation that Carmelo Anthony, who is a free agent next summer but has the right to opt out of his contract this summer, could be the last piece of the puzzle Boston would need to compete in the Eastern Conference.

Cowens was not nearly as complimentary about Carmelo Anthony as he was about Love, but he still sung his praises and basketball acumen.

"I don't think [Carmelo] is as bad of a defender as people think. I think because he's such a dominant offensive player and is asked to carry the team, no matter how much guys are paid they're still human and only have so much energy to expend. I think Carmelo Anthony with a dominant big guy around him and an excellent point guard is probably one of the best players in this league."

However, whether contract-wise or something else, Cowens just doesn't see Melo as a fit in Boston.

"I just don't see him with the Celtics. It just doesn't feel right to me. ... The Celtics have a corporate culture and you have to stay with that and build within that. I don't think you necessarily need the 'superstar.' You have to have three guys on your team that are All Star caliber players to win a championship."

Listen below for the full discussion, including Cowens' take on Brad Stevens, the upcoming draft and much more:

Dave Cowens Interview


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