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DA's Epic Rant On Tom Werner, Red Sox

BOSTON (CBS)  - Red Sox chairman Tom Werner made some comments on Monday that got 98.5 The Sports Hub's Damon Amendolara a little fired up.

With the Red Sox just getting back to .500 after taking two of three against the Cubs, a report came out that the clubhouse was "toxic." So Werner made a point that the 2004 and 2007 World Series championship teams were not perfect either.

That set DA off, and he delivered a rant for the ages.

"Would someone please wake up Tom, and let him know that at this point in those two seasons they weren't .500," started DA. "After 66 games in 2004, the Red Sox were 12 games over .500; not in last place. In 2007 they were a wagon, already 18 games over .500 at this point in time."

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"In 2004, this team was a pitch away, an inning away, from breaking the curse. With Schilling, Foulke, they were going to battle to break that curse; there was a reason to play baseball. There was a directive, there was a cause," he said. "None of this, 'I don't want to pitch because I threw 100 pitches yesterday' or 'I want to be a starter, I don't want to come out of the bullpen' or 'these trade rumors are bothering me.' There was none of that."

"In 2007, you had Pedroia and the young guys saying 'we want ours now,'" continued DA. "You still had Manny raking, you still had Papi raking, and you were the best team in baseball."

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""There is no comparison here. Things may not have been perfect then, but you were 18 games above .500...  Do not ever utter '04 and '07 around here in terms of 'it could be like that again.' No, stop. You sound stupid. You sound like you're shoveling ice to Eskimos, and they're sick of the damn ice."


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