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Darren Heitner On Adam Jones Show: Ortiz Should Stay Quiet About Past PED Allegations

BOSTON (CBS) - The Sports world and the law cross paths quite a bit, sometimes more often than we'd like.

Darren Heitner of The Sport Agent Blog -- and the sports and entertainment lawyer for the Wolfe Law Agency -- joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's The Adam Jones Show on Wednesday night to talk to about Alex Rodriguez's suspension appeal, and also pass along some advice for David Ortiz when it comes to talking about PEDs.

Ortiz showed up on a list of players who failed a drug test in 2003, and though it was supposed to be private, his name was made public in 2009 . Ortiz has maintained his innocence, and still is unsure what he failed the drug test for.

The Sox slugger recently brought this up again, but Heitner says he might want to stop talking about it.

"I'd say stay quiet and play baseball, that's what you're getting paid to do. Don't bring up any issues that may have clouded you in the past, that may have provided a stigma against you. Go out, perform for your team and end the career the way you want to," said Heitner.

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"He's had a successful, celebrated career, and the last thing he needs to be thinking about are former allegations," he said.

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Heitner also discussed Jacoby Ellsbury's next contract and what Dustin Pedroia's eight-year extension means for Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano -- who hits free agency this summer.

Darren Heitner On A-Rod Suspension, Papi And PEDs

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