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Dazzling Light Display In Danvers Raises Money For Children's Hospital

DANVERS (CBS) - A dazzling light display in Danvers surely puts all of Arthur Street on Santa's nice list.

"It's so much fun. Sitting in the house watching TV and hear them out here screaming and yelling and dancing around. It's great. I love it," said Shawn Elliott.

Elliott has been putting on this show for 18 years now… bringing light to his neighborhood and collecting donations to support the miracles that happen at Boston Children's Hospital.

"We built a mailbox and we committed to Boston Children's Hospital. They've helped my kids and a lot of people we know. It just seemed like the right thing to do," Elliott explained.

Christmas lights
Elliott family home in Danvers (WBZ-TV)

It takes about 100 hours through the month of November to make this magic happen. That's a lot of work year after year. But this tradition that brings so much joy to others fills the Elliots with inspiration.

That's because so many of the sweet faces who stop by, are angels like Emma, who has spent months of her life being treated at Children's.

"I can't say enough good things about the Child Life Department and Boston Children's hospital in general, how they've taken care of my family and our daughter and saved her life. They just take care of us. They just do. They're like family. We're grateful. We're grateful we live where we live and we have access to the best medicine in the world," said parent Mandee Spittle.

Emma just had another big surgery there. Now it's time for Christmas at home, together with twin Sophia. Just as they belong.

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