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Daily Talker: Would A Pay Raise Make You Happier?

It's an age-old question: Does money buy happiness? Do you think a pay raise would make you happy or happier? A new study tracked 18,000 adults in the UK and Germany over a nine-year period. They asked them annually about income level and life satisfaction. Lead researcher Dr. Christopher Boyce from the University of Stirling said, "It is often assumed that as our income rises, so does our life satisfaction, however, we have discovered that is not the case." Researchers found people with higher salaries were no more likely to have a high life satisfaction. Only a drop in income played a role in a person's life satisfaction. Dr. Boyce said, "What really matters is when income is lost and this is only important for people who are highly conscientious." They define highly conscientiousness as being thorough in attitudes to life and work. The research team suggested focusing on other things to improve your life satisfaction, including time with family and friends and working on your physical and mental health. What do you think? Would a pay raise make you happier?

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