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Daily Talker: Women's Soccer Battle For Equal Pay

It could be a game changer for women in sports. Five women from the World Cup winning US national team have filed a lawsuit accusing the US Soccer Federation of wage discrimination. The players, who include Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan, claim they were paid nearly four times less than members of the men's national team. The women won the World Cup in Canada last year. In 2014, the men went 1-2-1 at the World Cup and were knocked out in the round of 16. Hope Solo said, "We crushed the ratings. We had an incredible following worldwide. But it wasn't enough to make people say things need to change… This is a time that we need to push for equality and push for what's right." The lawsuit claims the women generated more revenue last year than the men, and were still paid less. $7 million less. They now want the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate and determine if they're owed more money. What do you think? Do the women deserve more money? Should female athletes be paid the same as men?

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