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Daily Talker: Proposed Fines Or Jail Time For Missing Kindergarten

Parents could soon be fined or face jail time if their kindergartner misses too much school. The Rhode Island State Senate is set to vote on legislation tomorrow that would require any child enrolled in public kindergarten to attend school for all the days and hours it's in session. If passed, parents can be fined up to $50 for each day or part of the day the child isn't in school. The parents could face up to six months in prison if the child misses more than 30 days of school. Sen. Roger Picard, a school counselor and former truant officer, introduced the bill. The Senate Education Committee has recommended its passage. Rhode Island already has compulsory school attendance for children ages 6 through 18. What do you think? Will this legislation help keep young students from missing school? Or does it go too far?


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