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Daily Talker: MA Senator Wants To Get Rid Of Checked Bag Fees

Frustration has reached a boiling point as airport lines continue to grow. A Massachusetts senator has an idea that travelers may like. Sen. Ed Markey will hold a news conference today calling on airlines to suspend checked bag fees, at least for the summer. Sen. Markey says that could help alleviate the long lines at security checkpoints at airports across the country. More travelers are bringing carry-on luggage to avoid the checked bag fees and that is clogging up security lines. The TSA has reported that checkpoints serving airlines that charge baggage fees see 27% more roller bags compared to checkpoints serving carriers that do not charge those fees. Earlier this month, Senators Markey and Blumenthal sent letters to the 12 major US airlines urging them to stop charging bag fees during the summer. And just this week, the Secretary of Homeland Security added his support, saying, "We've asked the airlines to consider possibly eliminating the checked baggage fee to encourage people to check their luggage rather than putting it in the carry on." What do you think? Will eliminating checked bag fees help alleviate the long TSA lines at airports?

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