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Daily Talker: How Should Parents Be Held Responsible For Kids' Weight?

The average six-year-old child weights about 46 pounds. A boy from a town in Colombia named Santiago Mendoza already weighs that much, but he is only eight months old.

Santiago's mother, Eunice Fandiño, sought the help of a charity that tackles obesity in Colombia after she noticed the baby had problems moving about due to his weight.

"I'm worried about his obesity, I don't want him to continue like this," the mother said.

According to a foundation there is no medical reason for Santiago's weight gain, he has just been overfed. His mother admits she would feed him any time he cried.

Santiago will be taken off formula milk and fed vegetables and juices as part of the diet. Doctors say otherwise, the infant could develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and problems with his joints.

What's your reaction to this story? How should parents be held responsible for their children's weight, if at all? Share your comments below, and watch for them on WBZ News in the Morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.

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